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I’m an associate agent at Emerald City Literary Agency co-repping clients with Mandy Hubbard and Linda Epstein. ECLA is a boutique, full-service literary agency founded in Seattle, Washington– otherwise known as the Emerald City, hence the agency’s name.  ECLA now has offices in both Seattle and New York.


I am building my list in kidlit (Picture Books – Young Adult). My goal is to represent the world that we live in in the books and authors that I support. For all age categories, I would love to see the following.

☑️ Queer/Trans
☑️ Neurodiversity
☑️ Disability
☑️ Religions & spiritual beliefs that are underrepresented in publishing
☑️ Intersectionality
Basically: The world we live in is diverse. Books written for kids in the 21st century should reflect that.
Picture Books:
☑️ Non-Fiction (biography, STEM, history preferrable. This is also the ONLY place I will consider anthropomorphism: talking objects/animals)
☑️ themes of grief
☑️ break down gender stereotypes
☑️ variety of family structures
Picture Book Nos:
🚫 Sports
🚫 Anthropomorphism (outside of NF)
🚫 Issue books, saviorism, or “inspirational” (written to center the dominant narrative of “overcoming” an identity
🚫 First day of school
🚫 Spending the day with a grandparent

Middle Grade/Young Adult:
☑️ Horror
☑️ SFF (especially afro-futurism & magical realism variety)
☑️ Mysteries/Thrillers (would love some chilling psychological thrillers)
☑️ Historicals with a twist (spec, queer, mystery, etc.)

Middle Grade/Young Adult MSWL Nos:
🚫 YA/NA crossover (If you story is set after high school it’s not for me)
🚫 High fantasy/portal fantasy
🚫 SFF with themes of colonialism, imperialism, slavery
🚫 not super partial to sports stories unless there’s a twist (thriller, speculative, horror, etc.

Submission Guidelines:

To query me, please submit your query letter and the first 20 pages of your manuscript via Query Manager only. Any emailed queries will be immediately deleted, unread.